Struggling Against the Tide

I was diagnosed with HIV positive

I mean one of the analogies I’ve come up with is with change, I was diagnosed with HIV positive, back in 2000, when I was living in France, and urm, on the day that I I, had my diagnosis I, I took myself off with the camera and I went round Paris taking pictures. Cos I thought, how would I process this how will I, do I get angry, do I cry, and I thought well I thought well actually I just want to mark this day in some way with beauty. It’s not, it’s not err, I don’t want to be angry I’m not angry about being HIV positive, you know I’m not angry at the person I’ve had sex with who has HIV, I mean, you know so, the only thing I had was peace to be honest, and being at the camera I was connected too moments in time, that were purely there for me. And, and I thought oh that’s, what a wonderful gift…

Prefer Not To Say

The Vault Theatre
2 Aug - 26 Aug 2019
13:30 BST

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