Bad Influences

He was kind of happy for me

I told my dad first coz I thought he’d be more understanding coz yeah, he was, he was kind of happy for me and glad that I was happy umm and then I told my mum and she completely blew it off. She was, she was furious with me, she, yeah she said she threatened me with disinheriting me, threatened to bring me home and bring me out of college, cos I was in the bad, bad influences of what ever umm yeah was really horrible stuff. Yeah, not nice, I think I was lucky at that point that I was so far away from all them that I dunno if I was near, pft yeah, horrible horrible. Yeah, for a long time so I’ve I, did come out to them because I was finally in a relationship with a woman so I thought I should come home. I’d been with her for a few months and I thought ok its fine, come out, uh, shouldn’t have done it. I really really regret doing it, wish I could take it back, yeah…

Prefer Not To Say

The Vault Theatre
2 Aug - 26 Aug 2019
13:30 BST

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