Joshua Chapman

I’ve always enjoyed sitting and talking to people

Ahhh hmm hmm. Hold on, this is going to seem really weird, but I don’t think my passion is, my passion for this project isn’t the isn’t the theatre. My passion for this project is the people. Like I love people like I’ve. I like when I was younger I used to sit with my grandma, like coz everyone else had their own little couples and I just sit with her and listen to her stories. And she’d tell me about like growing up and like her life and then she moved to London and then she got divorced when you shouldn’t have got divorced and then she moved to like up north and then she met a man and married a man who then ended up beating her, in front of her children. And like I feel like, even though I love theatre and I’ve done theatre my entire life and it’s always been like a solid part of like day to day, I’ve always enjoyed sitting and talking to people.

Like when I worked for the events company I would do my events work as fast as possible so I could sit and and talk to the stenographers. Who were adjourned and had to sit there for two hours not doing anything. And ask them about like their family and their lives and then I would get really good friends with them and then I would move on to another job  and then, I’d end up training people but then as I trained people I didn’t just settle for training them I kind of wanted to find out their story. And like moving to London was weird because it meant that not only was I around people of different like sexualities, but then you had like religion, and then you meet people from like people with like a Muslim faith that sometimes wouldn’t talk to you about it but then sometimes would and then you would understand their points, their points of view and their religion and agree with some of it. Not always agree with it, but you you saw that yeah it actually gave their life meaning, or like gave them a direction to go in like I remember a girl I was speaking to says I have religion because it gives me a time table of how I live my day. And I’ve always remembered that, coz I’m like actually I’m pretty lost.

Like if I didn’t have a full time job I would be, lost. I probably wouldn’t get up at a certain time and go and do something. But the fact that she gets up and prays every morning at a set time it means she’s out of bed she’s doing something, she’s going out. And then that like, but then you meet people like her who almost question themselves and their own beliefs within a conversation, and I think that’s exciting because it means that people are no longer sticking to what they’re told they’re making their own informed decisions, which I love. And that’s why I enjoy listing to people so much, and that is why I have a passion for Riot Road.

It’s not just about the theatre itself its about educating people for the future. Like, I look back at when I first moved to London and I got involved in a crowd of people that I knew nothing about. And I got into loads of drugs and got into drinking heavily and, kind of lost my way completely for about three years. Because there was no, there was no, people didn’t get educated on that kind of thing. People didn’t talk about that thing, it was very underground like, no one would, there would be no things in the media about it. And I mean like, I mean there is now, and I, I I still get frustrated because I feel like half of its comedic and half of its extreme, but there’s no actual rational people just sharing their view which is what Riot Road is. People coming together and actually telling their stories, their personal stories that might affect other people or guide other people from making, any mistakes or wrong turns in the future. That’s what we want to achieve, simple.

Prefer Not To Say

The Vault Theatre
2 Aug - 26 Aug 2019
13:30 BST

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