Prefer Not To Say

The Vault Theatre
2 Aug - 26 Aug 2019
13:30 BST

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With our latest work Prefer Not To Say we aim to present stories exposing the inequality within the LGBTQ+ community as well as the fears and concerns of the opposing activists. This ultimately creates a forum in which a conversation may begin discussing the vulnerability of living within this community, and the backlash being received from protesting organisations. In this era of neo-liberalism, whether it be because of sexuality, gender, political standpoint or religious views, we all confess to wanting equality in some way. But what happens when this begins to impeach on our own lives. Then where do our loyalties lie. The piece presents these arguments through a series of monologues capturing the tales of these brave individuals. Candidly speaking about their own personal experiences, their stories allow us to gain access into a world in which we may have previously been ignorant to.

The Joy, The Good Old Days

Off you go, but that terror wasn’t about what I was being accused of, the terror was what I could get done for.

Bad Influences

I told my dad first coz I thought he’d be more understanding coz yeah, he was, he was kind of happy for me

Gendered And Like

Early on this year I came out as transgender, which was like such a massive step for me because, like sometimes I feel like urm

Who Are We?